We take all the risks! If you don't get paid we don't get paid!(court costs excluded)

Courtroom table with Judges mallet

Have you been awarded a Judgment for money owed to you? Judgment Recovery

If you've been awarded a money judgment and don't know what to do next ACS is here to help!

A full evaluation of the file is done to determine if it is collectable.  This includes:

Credit and Asset Reports

Bankruptcy Check

Employment Verification

Property Searches

Address Verification

Post Judgment documents will be filed and recorded as required by California law and as needed for the judgment collection process. It is very important to know which documents should be filed and when because this could be the reason payment is or is not received. 

Monitor the files to ensure that documents are filed in a timely manner and avoid specific deadlines such as renewing the judgment.

Preparing all post judgment recovery documents including filing and recording for and monitoring wage garnishments, bank levies, liens on personal property, till tapping, and more. 

Monitor all payment arrangements and settlements.

Once the judgment is paid in full ACS will prepare and file the necessary documents to release the debtor from the debt. 

Let ACS take care of it for you....

Awarded a civil judgment for money owed to you and don't know what to do next.....You're not alone and that is why we are here. Judgment Collections is our area of expertise and our team of qualified experts will relieve you of stress and worry so that you can relax and focus on more important matters.  Most services at no cost to you.**                                                                          Senate Bill (SB) 2 – Building Homes and Jobs Act Tax 

**Due to recent legislative changes and an increase in recording fees for an Abstract of Judgment, Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of Judgment, and Property Liens are due at the time of service.