We take care of everything for you!

Anderson Collection Services is dedicated to helping our clients collect money they are owed by providing quality service from skilled specialists who are trained and experienced in the industry,  We are a debt collection agency that understands when you are owed money it can be very stressful for everyone involved and having someone to hand over that stress to will allow you to concentrate on other matters.  We take what may seem to be an impossible situation and turn it into something very attainable for both you and the debtor in the most professional  manner making it easier for everyone. 

  • ACS offers debt recovery services to businesses or individuals specializing in HOA delinquent assessment collections and judgment recovery.
  • Our specialist evaluate every file to assess the collectability using several resources such as credit reports, employment verification, and asset searches allowing us to determine the best option for getting you the money you are owed.  
  • ACS is proactive in collecting for our clients and use several methods for each of our files.  Telephone calls, letters, and emails are sent frequently and each file is reviewed at least twice per month.